Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lions, Tigers and BUGS?

Two things to vent about tonight, both having to do with breastfeeding.


First, I read that some people are boycotting Old Navy because they are selling a onesie that says "FORMULA POWERED". I'm certainly not shocked, and even though I don't shop there often, I doubt I'll boycott their store. What offends me is that they don't have a onesie that says "BREASTMILK POWERED". How hard is that? Make both sides happy. Although I'm not sure both sides would be happy, it is the right thing to do.

Someone commented that Cafe Press sells formula shirts, however Cafe Press also sells breastfeeding shirts. I think that's the problem here, Old Navy needs to sell a shirt promoting breastfeeding as well. Why aren't they?? C'mon Old Navy, get with it!

Second, I heard on the news that some formulas are being recalled due to bugs. Yes, you read that right, BUGS. Go ahead and Google it if you don't believe me. Certain Similac powered formulas have been recalled because they have been contaminated by insect parts or larvae. Really? REALLY? That is disgusting! No, that is beyond disgusting!

I am speechless. Well, obviously, only to a point. I don't get it, people. I don't. I understand if you're on dangerous medication. I understand if you don't have the ability to make milk - some illness or deformity. But, to all you lazy people... feed your babies the way God intended! Feed them the way your body intended. The milk that comes out of your breasts is meant for your babies!!!!!!!! Not the poisonous, bug infected, stinky formula that some company makes.

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