Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Trip to the Cardiologist

Another day, another doctor. Not for me this time, but for my 3 year old, Nanoo. There are a lot of heart problems in my family and it was recommended that all of my girls be checked for heart problems when they are 2 or 3.

I put it off for a while, but after seeing the area between her top lip and nose turn blue a few times, I decided it was time to see the doctor. They did an echo, an EKG, an x-ray, and an exam and thankfully it was almost all normal. The only thing abnormal is her pulmonary valve, it's 1/10th of a mm enlarged. The doctor wasn't worried about it, but did say they'd keep an eye on it.

No evidence of ASDs or hypertrophic cardiomyopathy - so that was good news. She did say that she wants all of the girls to be seen every few years and that I should continue to be seen as well. She was impressed by my family history and mentioned something about having research done on our family. LOL!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Follow Up Results

I went back to the gastroenterologist last week, 2 weeks after the blood work was drawn. This is what they told me to do. Imagine my surprise when I was told he didn't want to see me until the next week and they had tried to cancel the appointment. No, in fact, I had a call confirming the appointment. They then tried to tell me it hadn't been 2 weeks since the blood work, but I informed them it sure had been, that I had left their office last time and went straight to the hospital to have it done.

So, he agreed to see me. So nice of him seeing as I had an appointment. After a long wait, he came in and told me the blood work was normal! Yay!! No ulcerative colitis!!! That made me happy. He asked if I was better. No. He asked if I was still using the medicine (Rowasa). Yes. It surprised him, I think, that nothing had changed with the medicine. I told him it was the same, no better, no worse.

He told me to continue to use the medicine (I had 3 days left) and come back in a month. I think I laughed. 11 days of medicine hadn't helped, but the last 3 sure would. But, okay. He told me that it was probably an acute proctitis... yes, because acute means since forever, right? Does he think I'm completely stupid? I've had this my whole life? But, it's acute. Whatever.

I asked if it could be IBS, he said it could be, but IBS doesn't cause inflammation. So, it could be IBS AND something else. He said if it didn't get better, he'd run more tests. I asked what tests would be next and he said a test where you swallow a camera in a pill and it takes pictures of your insides and then you go home and it naturally :) comes out.

That doesn't sound cheap. Since I won't see him again until January, that means my insurance deductible resets and I don't think I can afford a test like that.

I really don't think he has a clue. I think I've stumped him. I'm thankful that it's not cancer or chron's or ulcerative colitis, but I am frustrated that they can't figure it out. And I'm not sure what to do next. Go back to him? Go get a second opinion? Or just live with it?