Thursday, October 28, 2010


My 9 year old has had some nosebleeds in the past few months that just don't want to stop. My husband is great with a nosebleed, so I tend to send the girls to him when they have one. He's told me that at least 3 of them took almost an hour to stop. He also said it seems like her blood isn't clotting.

I talked to the doctor about it and she said to bring her in for an exam and blood work. She didn't see anything in her nose - but she hasn't had a nosebleed in a couple weeks. She ordered the blood work, which of course led her to a fainting spell.

The results came in today, nothing wrong, blood work was normal. So, no clotting problems. Next step, if she still has lots of nosebleeds and/or long lasting nosebleeds to take her to an ENT.

Never a dull moment ;)

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