Friday, November 12, 2010

The Dreaded Colonoscopy Prep Part 2

I was late... again. I was supposed to start at 10pm and ended up starting at 10:15. I grabbed the mixture out of the fridge along with my can of orange soda, my glass of water, and my chicken soup. I plugged my nose really tight, took 2 deep breaths, then took a deep breath and sucked. Four gulps down! Whooo! Gag! EW!! And swish, spit, breathe.

Now, repeat.

The first 240ml went down "okay". Minimal gagging. The second wasn't "too bad" either. But, then it was like torture. I had to talk myself into it, patting myself on the back after each time. Plus I had started shivering so bad I was wrapped in my winter robe and my teeth were still chattering! So, needless to say the second half went slower, much slower. But, I managed to get the whole jug down in an hour and a half. The last four gulps made me gag like never before.

I did go potty a lot. My BMs never ran clear, they ran yellow. I read online that it was bile and normal. But, I had expected them to be clear. It was clear yellow though. Once I was done with the drink, had gone potty again, I got in a HOT shower. I stayed there for half an hour at least warming up.

I continued going to the bathroom until about 1am. My butt did get a little sore, but not as bad as I had expected. I didn't need the Tucks. I only used Desitin once. I had been prepared with the vaseline and the flushable wipes, I really think that helped.

Sleep didn't come easily though. I was hot, then cold, then hot again. I tossed and turned, couldn't get comfortable, and of course thought about the next morning. Bells woke up around 4am and I ended up nursing her for about an hour, I had to get up at 5 anyway. I think I maybe slept an hour or two.

I ended up on the potty a couple more times and my BMs were still yellow, but cloudy, which worried me. I started worrying that I wasn't cleaned out well enough, that the doctor would get in there and not be able to do the test. I finished that disgusting prep though, so I could only be hopeful.

In case you missed it... YES, I did breastfeed my 10 month old daughter through the prep. No problems, she didn't get diarrhea, it was fine.

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