Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Quest #2

I decided to post on a Facebook group called The Whole Network about my son's problem. A response I received suggested I contact the people at NOCIRC. So, I did that. I received an email back quickly. I was given a few names to contact. 

The next day we called one of those doctors, a pediatrician in another state. This doctor answered his home phone to talk to us. He explained that he was not a pediatric urologist, he was very foreskin friendly, but he was pretty sure that the chordee surgery would require a circumcision. He recommended that we call a foreskin friendly pediatric urologist. He gave us two names.

My husband and I called one of the doctors who wasn't in that day and emailed the other one. The one we emailed responded within a few hours. He said that because he couldn't see Lucky, he couldn't tell us for sure what to do. I understand that. I just wanted a general recommendation. He said that a circumcision is done with the chordee repair but he can do foreskin reconstruction IF there's enough skin. He also said he recommends surgery if there is a 30 degree bend with an artificial erection.

Neither of the doctors we saw did and artificial erection. So I'm not sure what to make of that. 

I also read this page where men talk about having hypospadias (hypospadias is common to have with chordee, although it can be separate and in Lucky's case it is, however you can't find a lot of info on just chordee alone). It seems like you can't win. Some men are happy their parents had the surgery done when they were little. Some men were mad at their parents for having the surgery done. And some were happy with their decisions. I read about men who were made fun of and boys who were deeply scarred - inside and out. I also read about men who had no problems at all. 

I still don't know what to do. My husband and I keep going back and forth. It's miserable.

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