Thursday, January 6, 2011


My baby turns one year old today. I ask myself how this happened. How did one year fly by so quickly? Why does time go fast? Why is the cute infant stage so short and the long grueling teenage stage so long?

Many times I asked myself when did I blink? I told myself a year ago NOT to blink! And I must have - because here I sit wondering where this past year has gone. I yell it's not fair, but that doesn't change anything.

Bells is such a beautiful little girl. Her hair is just long enough to cover her eyes or put in a "Pebbles" ponytail. Her eyes are full of wonder and innocence. She babbles and blows bubbles. She walks around and falls down a lot. She dances when I turn music on.

She still loves to nurse, she loves to cuddle with her Mama and have her milk - usually while pinching some of my skin. She loves her panda bear. When I put her down, even if she seems to be asleep, her little hand searches for that panda and she grabs hold of it and goes to sleep. She squirms when getting her diaper changed. And she still gags when she eats anything more than stage 2 food.

Oh how I love my baby girl. My heart bursts with joy every time I even think of her. My eyes fill with tears when I watch her sleep.

I ask for 2 more minutes tonight... 2 more minutes with my baby before she turns 1. 2 more minutes to cuddle. 2 more minutes of memories. I don't know why the years fly by so fast or the infant stage is so short... but I want to remember every minute of her life. So, please just give me 2 more minutes alone with her tonight.

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  1. Belle sounds like an adorable little girl. Enjoy how tiny she is while it lasts!