Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wants Her Daddy

My husband has taken a new position within his company and he'll be traveling more. It didn't seem like a bad idea when he was offered the job, but after consoling our now 4 year old for the second night in a row, it seems like an awful idea.

She has cried both nights that her daddy has been away, begging to talk to him on the phone, asking for him to come home. The tears streaming down her soft, angel like face and the big lip sticking out just breaks my heart. I held her tonight and stroked her hair, telling her it would be okay. I couldn't even tell her that daddy would be home tomorrow just in case his plane is delayed.

I hate that he is going to be away more. I hope that he enjoys the job. I also hope that he'll be allowed to work from home when he's not traveling. I'll enjoy the raise that he got. But, right now, tonight, knowing my daughter is so upset, I'm not enjoying this at all.

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