Sunday, May 30, 2010

Stickers & Privacy

Moving to this school district has been wonderful for many reasons. I have been very happy with the way my children are learning here. There is, however, one thing I have a problem with...

Stickers. Sounds ridiculous right?

The schools let parents put money into their children's lunch accounts. The children are given a number and when they buy lunch, they can check out using that number. It pulls money out of the account. When it gets down to a certain number, the emails start coming: Replenish your child's lunch account. And then when it gets down a little further, the stickers come home... ON MY CHILD!

The lunch people put a big red sticker on my child's shirt that basically screams out "HEY! You need to send in more money!! You're broke!" How is that protecting our privacy? And how rude is that? Let's stick big, red stickers on the kids who need to send in more money! Let the whole school know.

There are other stickers too, thankfully, my children don't need to wear them much. These consist of different transportation issues... being picked up early, transportation change like going on a different bus. Again, there's a privacy issue here. Not only that, but a safety issue. I assume that everyone who works in the school has been cleared to be there, but you never know. I certainly do not want everyone in the school knowing that my child is walking home that day or taking a different bus.

Those are the ones I have issues with. There is another one that says "Don't forget money for the school store tomorrow".

Not only are these stickers a violation of our privacy, but if put on certain decorations (on t-shirts), they will damage them.

I don't see how they can get away with this...

I had to edit this to add a thought. Could you imagine going to the grocery store and using your debit card, only to have the cashier place a sticker on your shirt because your account was getting low?

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  1. That's ridiculous! I would definitely be complaining about that. Maybe they haven't thought of the privacy/safety concerns, but come on!