Friday, May 21, 2010

Wait and See

Being someone who does a good amount of worrying, I hear "wait and see" enough. I worry. I try not to. I try to think positively, but as a parent in today's scary world, I worry more than I'd like.

When I was diagnosed with ADHD, they also diagnosed me with mild OCD. It is very mild, but it is there. I have to check the doors, make sure they're locked, but I don't have a set amount of times I need to do this. I check the alarm to make sure it's on. I check the gate to make sure it's closed. I also need to have the tags in the back or at the bottom of whatever it is that it's on. Pillowcases go certain ways. And I hate it when a light switch is considered OFF in the UP position. UGH!

I've been noticing lately that Boo, my 9 year old, seems to worry a lot. I'm not sure how much is a normal amount of worrying. I asked my husband and he didn't seem concerned, but I asked him to listen to what she's saying and let me know if he thinks she's getting worse at some point. I don't remember my older child going through this stage. Maybe she skipped it? Maybe it was short? Maybe Boo just worries more.

Boo doesn't like parking garages. If we go in one, she wants to go to the top, so the garage doesn't collapse on top of us. She is always asking if I remembered to let the dogs inside. When I ask her why, she tells me she's afraid they're going to get hurt. When I ask who is going to hurt them in our fenced in backyard, she says someone might jump the fence. She asks if I remembered to lock the doors or turn on the alarm at night or when we're leaving the house.

When there is a thunderstorm, she has to stay close by us. She asks if lightning will come through the windows or if it'll turn into a twister. Her bed is in the middle of her room and she sleeps as far away from the window in her bed that she can. She moves her pillow all the way to the side nearest the wall and sleeps on that side of her single bed. She has even moved her favorite animals or dolls to that side of the room so nothing crashes in through the window and "gets them".

It's not all the time, but I have been noticing it more and more. I just don't know how worried I should be about her worrying :) I certainly don't want to put her on any medications, but I don't want her to get worse either. As of right now, it's not interfering with her school work or life, so I think we're okay and I hope it's just a stage. We'll wait and see...


  1. Hope everything works it self out...Ma-2-Bean-n-Squish

  2. I know how stressful living with OCD can be, I was diagnosed with it when I was 13 or 14. It's mild enough that it doesn't effect my life so I don't need to be on any medications for it. When my parents took me in for testing though, they told them that often times what seems to be OCD in children is really just them imitating what they see in the adults around them. It could just be that she sees you worrying, so she mimics that. *hugs*