Friday, May 7, 2010

They Call Him an Expert

We all have our favorite experts, especially when it comes to parenting. A few of my friends like this Dr. John Rosemond guy. I hadn't heard of him, so I googled him. The first few things I saw sounded promising. I read that he had many thoughts when it came to potty training and since that is what I need most right now, I wanted to read more. What I read shocked me!

The first thing I read was about his "Naked and $75" approach. I am all for having my little ones run around naked and pay for the carpet cleaning later, but to go to the extremes he recommends if that little one doesn't potty train is absurd.

He says, "If one of your kids refuses to use the toilet despite being old enough to do so, get rid of all diapers and training pants and have your child wear only thin cotton underpants and a t-shirt. Then have your child drink water often and instruct them to go to the bathroom whenever necessary. If your child has any accidents, send him or her to his room for the rest of the day and allow him or her to come out only to use the bathroom." The part in bold is the part I have a problem with. Sending a 3 year old to their room for that long is ridiculous!

I continued my research into this guy and found my next problem with him... To a mom of a four year old who refused to do a BM in the toilet, he gave the following advice:

"Every day, right after your son eats a high fiber breakfast, gate him in the bathroom, naked from the waist down and tell him his doctor said he has to stay there until he poops in the potty."

Seriously? Gate them in the bathroom until they poop?! Are they dogs? I had to stop reading there. I was disturbed and didn't want to think of actual parents out there doing this to their children. He was not an expert I wanted to be associated with. I'm not even sure what kind of expert he thinks he is.

I have a lot of problems potty training Nanoo, but I would never send her to her room for the rest of the day or gate her in the bathroom. I'll go back to just waiting it out, thankyouverymuch.


  1. Wow, I was almost expecting to see put newspaper down on the rugs or rub there nose in it when they do have a accident...Yeah that is not something that I would be doing

  2. I think YOU are the bext expert for your children. Follow your instincts and you will find what is right. Nanoo will PT when she is good and ready too!