Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School 2010

School started today. The summer flew by. I didn't get anything done and I didn't get to go anywhere. That depresses me. I know we're paying some things off, but everyone needs a vacation. I keep hoping next year will be better, but I doubt it. The bills are too high, plus we're going to need a new car soon.

My three girls looked beautiful going off to school this morning. Kiki is getting so big, I think she'll be taller than me within a month. She does pretty good with the make-up we allow her to wear. Boo even wore her glasses to school, I was surprised. JJ loves the tutu type outfits and of course wore one of those for her first day.

There was a lot of paperwork for me to fill out. Boo's teacher wants me to turn in this green sheet. Both her and JJ got it, but I didn't like it... LOL! It seemed too personal and it wasn't any of their business. I think it's a questionnaire to get services (like free lunch or free tutoring), but it asks questions about your home. The school knows where I live, why do I need to fill this out. I'm not applying for the services. The funny thing is if I did live in a tent or abandoned building, do they really think I'd tell them that? They'd call child protective and have the kids taken away. Seriously! I live in a nice house that is half a mile from the school. I guess if she continues to ask for the questionnaire, I'll put a big N/A on it and send it in.

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