Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Visit to the Dentist

Thinking about going to the dentist makes me sweat, shiver, and freak out. I've thought about locking myself in the closet so I couldn't go to the dentist... then I remember that I'm an adult. And that just sucks. I'm supposed to set a good example. And hiding in the closet to get out of going to the dentist is not a good example.

It's not the dentist I hate. He seems like a good guy. He's even funny and has made me laugh a few times. It's certainly not the office. The chairs are soft and leather, the atmosphere is relaxing and inviting, there's a TV to watch and headphones to wear.

The smell has gotten better throughout the years, I can now walk in the dentist's office and not want to vomit. But, a trickle of the smell is still in the air and still makes my nose wrinkle up.

I always had healthy teeth growing up. Not one single cavity until after having children. Thanks kids!! I appreciate it!! I was told a few years ago that I had some cavities and needed to get fillings. But, I just couldn't do it. Maybe it was the times my mom made me go to the dentist and have teeth pulled or grafts done? The needles looked longer than a baseball bat! And boy did they hurt. I remember begging to go to school, even making up lies like having a test I had to take so she'd send me to school instead... it never worked.

So, I put it off and off and off and... well, you get the point. We switched to a new dentist this year (the one I've been describing) and he told me that I really needed to have this done. He said they could start getting really big and I'd need root canals. My husband went through a root canal a couple years ago and he was in serious pain, so I didn't want that.

It was time. The dentist told me he could give me some happy pills and have me sedated for the procedure. I reluctantly agreed and scheduled the appointment for when both my husband and my mother would be around. I needed one to take me and one to stay with the kids.

I had to take a pill the night before and a pill that morning. And OH BOY did that stuff knock me out. I had NO clue what I was doing. My poor husband... he says I insisted on taking a shower, but I didn't know what I was doing, so he had to help me with my hair. Then when I got out of the shower, he said I told him I needed to take a shower!! I somehow made it there, only to throw up in a garbage can outside the office. I don't remember much from the actual appointment. They would only do one side, so I would have to go back to have the other side done.

I slept for half the day. I was no good to anyone. Poor baby Bells.

So, imagine my JOY when a filling literally fell out of my mouth.

I called the dentist office the next morning, had to make an appointment at their other office further away that afternoon. My husband had to take a half day so he could watch the younger two girls. The older three were able to go to friend's houses.

And to replace the lovely filling... I had to get numbed up again. Are you kidding me???? I couldn't ask my husband to take more time off so I could be sedated. Time to get the big girl panties on. Knowing he was there in the waiting room and would be able to take care of me if anything happened, I said okay as long as they'd use the gas so I'd be a little relaxed.

This was the first time I had ever used nitrous oxide. At first, I felt relaxed and heavy. They numbed me up. The hygentist put some of that numbing ointment on my cheek and gums and the dentist jiggled my cheek a lot which masked the pain of the needle a little. I did feel it, but it wasn't TOO bad. I didn't faint or throw up!! Then they turned the gas off and the oxygen on and made me wait and wait and wait.

Finally, they came back, turned the gas back on, and did the "repair". First it felt good! I remember thinking "oooh I like gas, this isn't bad, you want to do what to me? Sure, go ahead. I'm happy." But, then it was a little too much. I started to feel like I was on an amusement park ride - one I couldn't get off. Thankfully, just as it was getting to be way too much, they turned it off and it was over. I was a little dizzy and had to sit in the chair for a few minutes before leaving.

I just hope this one doesn't fall out. And maybe I can get by using the gas for the next cavity I have filled. At least I won't lose the entire day.

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  1. LOL your funny! Glad it went a little better with the gas..Girl, I HATE the dentist toooooo...Always have, always will!!