Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Baby Legs

It wasn't until recently that someone made me aware of Baby Legs. I have to admit that I was not interested at all when I saw what they were. Leg warmers? Seriously? On a baby? WHY? I never saw the appeal. Even thought they looked kind of dumb. Yet, so many of my friends talked highly about them.

During a grand opening of a "crunchy" store in the area, they gave away a pair of Baby Legs as a free gift. So, I finally owned a pair of these things that I wasn't too interested in. I decided to keep them for the baby I was carrying, still not sure I'd ever actually use them.

One day a couple weeks ago Bells seemed too warm in her PJs, but it was still a little too cool to be in just a onesie. The Baby Legs crossed my mind. I dug them reluctantly out of the drawer and put them on her. They were a little big, but she didn't mind. Over the night, she seemed to be the perfect temperature, and she never kicked them off.

I found myself at Target picking out a new pair of Baby Legs, ones that were cute and pink. And now I use them almost daily when we're in that in between temperature. Now, I like Baby Legs, and I recommend them to anyone having a baby.

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