Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Two More Minutes

For weeks I've been trying to come up with a name for a new blog. I have a blog, but the name is, well, meaningless. I tried many things and everything had already been taken. This is 2010! People have been blogging for years. Many of the blogs have been claimed and yet nobody writes on them, nobody keeps them up to date. I start to wonder if that will happen to mine when life gets in the way.

I thought of this name recently when I was holding our newborn daughter, our fifth daughter. My husband asked me to go see something and I told him to give me just two more minutes. He looked at me oddly, probably thinking to himself that was a strange answer since I wasn't doing anything. She had finished nursing and we were just looking at each other.

I thought of all the times I use the phrase "just two more minutes". When I'm warm in the shower and the peace and quiet is all around me. When I'm snug in bed and don't want to face the morning. When I'm reading a really great book and don't want to leave that world even for a second. When I'm reading to my 3 year old who is curled up in my lap soaking in every detail. When I'm in my husband's arms feeling his love surround me. And when I'm holding my baby girl close to my heart hoping that time will stand still.

So, I looked up at my husband, and again said, "Just two more minutes."

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