Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Co-sleeping = Peace

I believe I am the opposite of most people. Most people worry about falling asleep next to their baby - not me - I worry when my baby falls asleep away from me.

I had put the baby in her bed the other night so I could get ready for bed. She fell asleep there and when it was time for me to get into bed, I wasn't sure what to do. Should I leave her there sleeping or grab her and bring her to bed with me? She's always with me at night, we co-sleep and this is how we like it. She is our fifth child and I have never once worried about rolling over on any of our babies. I nurse them to sleep and any time they wake up looking for it. I wake up in the morning feeling well rested. I love the closeness co-sleeping brings.

I slid into bed without the baby that night. I laid there wide eyed and restless. I couldn't sleep. I worried that she would spit up and I wouldn't hear it. I worried that she'd stop breathing not able to hear my breathing next to her. I worried she'd get cold not having me right there keeping her warm.

After five very long minutes went by, I got up, went to her bed where she slept, very carefully picked her up and brought her back to bed with us. She stretched a little and then went right back to sleep next to me - where she belongs.


  1. I have always did the co-sleeping on and off, but I notice how much better I sleep with Nevaeh next to me. Like you said I always worry more when they are far...

  2. Beautiful post, Talia. Nothing is better than sleeping with your babies.

  3. I agree co-sleeping is great! So much easier when BF ;)