Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Over the weekend, I went to my regular hairdresser and had my hair done. It's been a while, about 6 months in fact. I was going to go right before I had Bells, but things got in the way. And after she came, it took a while before her feedings were spaced far enough apart for me to get my hair done.

While I was in the chair, we got a chance to talk. I told her why I hadn't been there in so long, and that my husband was sitting out in the waiting room with the kids just in case Bells needed to eat. She then told me how when she had her daughters, the nurses in the hospital pretty much 'forced' her to try and breastfeed, and how she wanted no part of it. She continued to tell me how it hurt, how it didn't feel right, and how much she didn't want to do it. This shocked me! How does breastfeeding not feel right. Sure it hurts, even tickles some times. But, I have never felt that it wasn't right. Of course, to me, mixing up formula and shoving that into a child's mouth, doesn't feel right.

She asked me something about my hospital stay and I told her how horrible it was, how I was supposed to have had a homebirth, but things happened. I told her how wonderful both my midwife and the nurse that was with us was (she was also a midwife). I also told her how the OB had said I could leave right after giving birth if all was fine, but that the pediatrician on call wouldn't. And now all these medical bills were coming in with a nursery charge on them we didn't use.

Her response? "What do you mean you didn't use the nursery?" I explained how I wanted my baby with me at all times. She says, "Girl, you need to give the nursery that baby so you can rest and have a break. That's what it's there for, you should have taken advantage of it."

Wow. Just wow.

It blows my mind that people really think like this. Maybe it blows their mind that I think the way I do? I could never give birth to my baby and then let her stay the next couple days in the nursery so I can get a break? A break from WHAT?

I do believe that everyone has the right to make their own choices, but sometimes the choices people make, make me sad.

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  1. Yeah, I said WOW a couple times through this too.. Some people just amaze me. Are you kidding me, a break from a baby you just gave birth too..WOW!